"We are pleased that the jointly developed service package convinced Bayard Media and that we were able to prevail against other providers. In the future, we will optimize subscription sales at Bayard Media with perfect subscription service, e-commerce know-how and automated processes," said Uwe Bronn, CSO at ZENIT X. While ZENIT X will take care of Bayard Media's subscriptions as a full-service provider, the topics of e-shop, landing pages, payment widget and customer care and billing will be in the hands of dsb Group. "We want to improve our reader service and further expand our e-business part. In parallel, we are fine-tuning our backend processes around subscription sales. Through this combined approach, we are ensuring processes that are free of media discontinuity and automated," explains Horst Ohligschläger, CEO of Bayard Mediengruppe Deutschland.

Perfectly integrated processes for optimum service

Zenit X advises Bayard Media on optimizing its subscription management processes. "Because the new e-commerce strategy will only bear fruit with perfectly adapted back-office processes," Bronn is convinced. In terms of customer care and billing, the Stuttgart-based subscription sales professionals at Bayard Media are using the proven processes of dsb fly.

New landing pages already live

Following a briefing by Bayard Media and ZENIT X, dsb ebusiness designed various landing pages as a first step. "Depending on the content of the landing pages, Bayard Media can specifically stimulate subscription sales for individual magazines or minimize the churn rate. Whether for Frau im Leben, Plus Magazin, Happy or Rente & Co - we customize the content of these landing pages for the individual media," explains Martin Wepper, CEO of dsb ebusiness

Webshop relaunch is being prepared

In the background, dsb ebusiness is already working on Bayard Media's new web store. Go-live is planned for the second quarter. The design will be optimized for usability on mobile devices. An express checkout in combination with the dsb payment widget will ensure high conversion in the e-shop.

dsb payment widget links analog and digital payment methods

The payment widget will also become an integral part of the invoicing process. Subscription invoices will contain a QR code in the future. The same link will also be displayed in the dispatch email. After scanning or tapping the link, subscribers can switch from one-time payment to recurring payment methods with just one more click.

Record response times with OCS

The Online Customer Service (OCS) module will soon provide around-the-clock customer service. Subscriptions, forwarding orders, additional orders - readers can do all this in the customer self-service area of the e-shop. The middleware dsb connect ensures fully automated real-time data exchange with dsb fly. The service agents at ZENIT X thus always have the current status in front of their eyes and can react immediately.

dsb PIM

In the future, product data at Bayard Media will be aggregated fully automatically, maintained centrally, and pushed to all sales channels in real-time data transfer. dsb PIM (Product Information Management System) ensures multi-directional data exchange, handles automated data enrichment, and thus guarantees consistent information across channels.

About Bayard Media

Bayard Media is a subsidiary of the French Bayard Groupe and the Belgian multimedia group Roularta Media Group. At Bayard, a team of journalists, editors and designers takes care of the creation of print, paper and audiovisual content. With its publications, Bayard Groupe reaches more than 30 million people around the world, including 5 million subscribers. In the Belgian magazine market, Roularta is the market leader in the segments of general, business and sports news magazines, lifestyle magazines and trade magazines. The German Bayard Media addresses readers of all ages with its publishing program. In addition to numerous lifestyle magazines, the media house also publishes trade magazines such as G/Geschichte or Rente & Co.

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