More than 250,000 transactions in Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns

We congratulate our long-time customer Future Plc. on its very successful Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday campaign. The media platform specialist realised more than 250,000 transactions in the period from 20.11. to 29.11.2017. According to Future Plc, this corresponds to a total turnover of over 23 million pounds. All details about the marketing campaign can be found here:

dsb ebusiness, based in Frankfurt and Neckarsulm, is an e-commerce provider that develops and manages the publishing platform. The extensive relaunch of the magazine portal did not take place until May of this year.

Since then, readers from the UK, Europe and the United States have been able to subscribe to even more convenient magazines from the media company's special interest programme. The online shop offers around 100 titles, each of which can be ordered as a combination subscription, digital subscription or pure print subscription.

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