Frankfurt, 02.09.2020: As of this week, the Osnabrück-based intan group is relying on even faster and more convenient payment processes. "With the new dsb-fly-pay module, we are optimizing our payment processes. Payment of invoices is now possible via cell phone, tablet or laptop with just one click," Jörg Markmeyer, Head of IT Processmanagement at intan service plus, explains his motivation for using the new dsb payment module. From now on, a QR code and a link to the payment widget will be printed on the company's invoices. Once in the widget, readers only have to tap their preferred payment method and the invoice is paid.

dsb fly pay ensures lean back-office processes. It integrates the payment widget developed by dsb ebusiness into the subscription management platform dsb fly. In this way, upstream and downstream processes are optimally linked. Thanks to fully automated real-time data exchange, there is no need for manual maintenance.

Integration of Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, AmazonPay, credit cards, SEPA direct debit*.

Magazine publishers and subscription service providers use the payment widget to easily convert subscribers from one-time payments to recurring payment types. To do this, they send readers an e-mail with a link to the payment widget. With just one click, subscribers can customize their payment method there. All payment information is automatically stored in each reader's subscription master data.                                          

Recurring payment methods have a positive effect on liquidity. This is because VAT is due when the invoice is issued, but many subscribers pay late.

"With dsb fly pay, publishers and press distribution companies can migrate readers from analog payment methods to digital payment methods. In just one step, readers change their payment method to Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, SEPA direct debit or credit card and thus switch to recurring online payment, " adds Martin Wepper, CEO dsb ebusiness. "And for all payment methods where a credit card is deposited, automated subsequent debits will occur in the future."

The advantages of dsb fly pay at a glance:

- Subscribers pay immediately.
- Offline payments become online payments.
- Real-time data transfer to CRM
- Payment widget module is immediately available.

About intan

For more than 30 years, the intan group has been working successfully with well-known publishers and companies as an independent partner. With around 2 million subscribers, the group is thus one of the leading media sales companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Whether new customer acquisition, subscription support or receivables management - as a specialist for subscription-based products, intan focuses primarily on innovative, digital business models.

About dsb ebusiness

Founded in 2010, the company is part of the dsb group and specializes in e-commerce consulting. The consultants at dsb ebusiness develop comprehensive e-shop solutions for their customers, link different system worlds with their own middleware dsb connect, integrate paywalls and realize marketplace connections.

About dsb ccb solutions

dsb ccb solutions develops and operates ccb by dsb®, Europe's leading customer care and billing platform for the publishing industry. ccb by dsb® enables efficient customer care through highly automated processes. Thanks to flexible adaptation options to different business models, creative sales strategies for digital media and print titles can be realized with ccb by dsb®. The extensive integration potential of the software exists not only in the offer design but also in the back office, thus enabling resource-saving processes for clients.

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