The Online Customer Service (OCS) is part of the private eye subscription store. The OCS is a module of dsb fly and enables 24/7 reader service. Subscribers can manage their account here, i.e. maintain addresses or bank details themselves and order redirections or subscription interruptions.

Order gift subscriptions for Christmas in OCS

Once logged into OCS, readers can give Private Eye subscriptions to family and friends with minimal effort. Since all the details except the recipient's address are already stored, ordering is done in record time.

Online publication calendar

All back issues and future issues are noted here. Readers can see when which magazines are published and can reorder individual copies.

FAQ section is part of the OCS

Subscribers can find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section, which is maintained by the publisher itself.

Churn management, cross-selling and up-selling

In the event of cancellations, readers receive attractive offers directly in the OCS. Depending on personal reading preferences, users are made aware of further interesting content. Private Eye uses the OCS specifically for cross-selling and upselling campaigns.

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