After an extensive and multi-stage tendering procedure, the decision has now been taken: In future, SPIEGEL-Verlag will rely on the customer care and billing platform ccb by dsb® for subscription management. A corresponding framework agreement was signed by both companies. "Today, innovative subscription offers and efficient processes in customer service are decisive for success in the sales market. If you want to win readers over to your titles, you also need a modern and flexible IT architecture. With dsb's industry solution, we can expect a familiar SAP environment with an innovative development team to meet the current challenges in the subscription business as partners," says Christoph Hauschild, Head of Sales Development at SPIEGEL-Verlag, explaining the decision in favor of dsb ccb solutions.

The high degree of networking of ccb by dsb® in the system landscape of the SPIEGEL publishing house enables highly automated workflows and resource-saving processes. Whether digital subscriptions, combined subscriptions or club offers - the data is processed without media breaks. "Due to the high integration capability of ccb by dsb® into the IT infrastructure of SPIEGEL-Verlag, we offer this publisher investment security for its existing system environment. With our middleware, we implement links to the existing e-shop, to SSO solutions and to other systems of SPIEGEL-Verlag, thus ensuring integrated business processes," adds Olaf Bendt, Managing Director of the dsb Group.

The signing of the contract was preceded by a tender phase lasting several months during which dsb ccb solutions was able to prove that the SAP-based software solution ccb by dsb® meets the extensive requirements of the publisher's specifications. Whether combination subscription, delivery subscription functionalities or interfaces to the e-mail workflow program - dsb ccb solutions is proud to meet the specified specifications and is looking forward to the start of the joint project work.

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