Street newspapers in the pandemic

THE BIG ISSUE uses new e-shop as distribution alternative

Neckarsulm, Germany, Oct. 27, 2020 - How do street papers survive in the age of Covid-19?  When their vendors are no longer allowed to sell the magazines directly in lockdown? This was the question faced by the publishers of THE BIG ISSUE, the UK's largest homeless newspaper, in the first Lockdown.

With a circulation of 83,000, the weekly street magazine desperately needed alternative outlets. The charity wanted to further expand its online distribution and commissioned dsb ebusiness to develop a new subscription store.

Online donation function

In addition to street sales of its award-winning newspaper, the foundation finances its charitable projects through donations. All the more important, therefore: an online donation function integrated directly into the e-shop. "The donation function has been completed and tested. It will be integrated into the store shortly. Those who are in a pre-Christmas giving mood can thus additionally support The Big Issue," Martin Wepper, CEO dsb ebusiness, is pleased to say. 

THE BIG ISSUE readers can then round up their purchases in the e-shop:

Variety of payment methods reduces shopping cart abandonment

The more payment methods buyers are offered in the store, the higher the purchase probability. Credit card, Amazon Pay, Pay Pal and Direct Debit are currently possible. Apple Pay and Google Pay are planned.

Express Checkout

An express checkout process additionally reduces abandoned baskets. Only 3 clicks are required from purchase to payment.

Fully automated data transfer from e-shop to CMS.

"The connection of the subscription store to the customer care and billing platform dsb fly ensures that all information is available in real time and in high data quality in the subscription management platform," explains Alexander Münch, COO dsb ccb solutions.


Since 1991, the magazine has helped over 92,000 retailers earn £115 million. Currently, there are around 1,500 street vendors who earned a total of £5.5 million last year alone. Currently the magazine is read by over 400,000 people across the UK and has a weekly circulation of 83,073.

About dsb ebusiness:

Founded in 2010, the company is part of the dsb Group and specializes in e-commerce consulting. The consultants at dsb ebusiness develop comprehensive e-shop solutions for their customers, link different system worlds with their own middleware dsb connect, integrate paywalls and realize marketplace connections.

Under the dsb umbrella brand, legally independent companies operate with different areas of focus: For example, the team of experts at dsb ccb solutions focuses on the further development and operation of ccb by dsb® - Europe's leading customer care and billing platform for the publishing industry.  The sister company dsb cloud services, on the other hand, focuses on managed and application hosting in its own virtualized and certified cloud data center.  In addition to well-known international publishers and publishing service providers such as SPIEGEL-Verlag, FUNKE direkt, Vogel Business Media and Future Publishing PLC, the dsb group's customers also include renowned branded companies such as Orsay and Betty Barclay.

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