Frankfurt, 18.06.2020: The new subscription store for the UK's best-selling news and satire magazine "PRIVATE EYE" went online this week. The magazine store was developed and designed by dsb ebusiness. In addition to the "normal" subscription store, there is also a gift store where users can give away PRIVATE EYE subscriptions. The subscription store is linked to the customer care and billing platform ccb by dsb. Interfaces ensure real-time data exchange between the subscription management system and the online store.

In a few days, the online customer service functionalities of the store will be activated. Users will then be able to manage their account 24/7, i.e. maintain addresses or bank details themselves, and request redirections or subscription interruptions. Thanks to the powerful contact management and automated back-office processes, PRIVATE EYE reduces its process costs.

About PRIVATE EYE: PRIVATE EYE is the UK's best-selling news and satire magazine. It is published fortnightly and currently has over 700,000 readers. For over 50 years, PRIVATE EYE has offered a unique blend of humor, social and political observation, and investigative journalism.

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