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Spectrum of science publishing house

With, Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlag operates the leading science portal in the German-speaking world. The media company's flagship publication is the magazine "Spektrum der Wissenschaft," which reports on important scientific research findings.

Other publications such as "Gehirn & Geist," "Sterne und Weltraum," and the digital magazine "Spektrum - Die Woche" round out the publisher's offerings. dsb advises the publisher on e-commerce topics and ensures a smooth connection of the online store to the customer care and billing platform ccb by dsb.

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The British company sees itself as a multi-platform business: The media group publishes numerous print and online publications and organizes conferences and events.

It specializes in B2B topics. Various trade magazines are aimed at HR managers as well as marketing and PR specialists, while other titles are aimed at civil servants in the public sector or horticultural specialists. dsb ebusiness is responsible for the company's web store and integrated it into SAP IS-Media. The store is thus directly linked to ccb and membership implementation is also handled by ccb.

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London review of books

Founded in 1979, the Journal has the highest circulation of any literary magazine in Europe and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. When it comes to customer care and billing, the British publishing house has relied on the complete ccb solution for many years. London Review of Books was one of our first customers to benefit from the online customer functionalities within cbb. Today, customer self-service is a central pillar in customer communication. Readers of LRB publications can order titles or expand their subscription portfolio even more easily and quickly using the new "payment method update" function.

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Bischoff Verlag

Founded in 1932, Bischoff Verlag is a company of the New Apostolic Church. The Bischoff Verlag store offers a wide variety of books, downloads, sheet music, and other content.

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Immediate Media

Immediate Media relies on ccb for subscription management. App authentication and the associated paywall processes for the media company's numerous titles are also handled by ccb Suite. Immediate Media has received several awards for its innovative and successful subscriber acquisition campaigns.

One prerequisite for Immediate Media's award-winning campaigns is the fine classification options in the ccb subscription management platform. The detailed prospect selection there ensures precisely tailored, individual and attractive subscription offers. Immediate Media defines the business rules in ccb for campaign-specific persona building and the incentives linked to it. All downstream acquisition and administration processes are then fully automated in the ccb customer care platform.

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EMAP ist ein Unternehmen für Inhalte, Abonnements und Networking. EMAP verbindet einflussreiche Personen und Organisationen mit einem hochwertigen Netzwerk von Entscheidungsträgern, Daten und Ideen über ein branchenführendes Markenportfolio.

Das Ziel von EMAP ist es, den beruflichen Fortschritt von ambitionierten Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen in den Bereichen Mode, Architektur, Gesundheit und Bauwesen zu fördern.

logo referenz roularta

Bayard Media Group

Bayard Media is a subsidiary of the French Bayard Groupe and the Belgian multimedia group Roularta Media Group. At Bayard, a team of journalists, editors and designers takes care of the creation of print, paper and audiovisual content. With its publications, Bayard Groupe reaches more than 30 million people around the world, including 5 million subscribers. In the Belgian magazine market, Roularta is the market leader in the segments of general, business and sports news magazines, lifestyle magazines and trade magazines. The German Bayard Media addresses readers of all ages with its publishing program. In addition to numerous lifestyle magazines, the media house also publishes trade magazines such as G/Geschichte or Rente & Co.

logo janes


Janes has evolved over the past 120 years from a traditional military publisher to the leading global agency for open source intelligence. Janes works with global government agencies and leading military manufacturers around the world.

logo intan


For more than 30 years, the intan group has supported well-known publishers and companies as an independent partner. With around 2 million subscribers, it is one of the leading media sales companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. intan works with over 50 publishers and has a total of around 520 magazines in its portfolio. For its customers, the group takes care of subscription management, marketing and customer care. The experts at the subsidiary intan service plus take care of reader service in the company's own customer center, manage outbound campaigns to win back subscribers, and launch cross-selling projects.

logo privateeye

Private Eye

Private Eye is Britain's best-selling news and current affairs magazine, offering a unique blend of humor, social and political observation, and investigative journalism.

Edited by Ian Hislop, the fortnightly magazine is currently read by over 700,000 readers.