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We integrate your customer self service portal, no matter if you use our ccb suite or your own backend system. This way your ERP system is fed fully automated - without manual rework!

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Image gain - 24/7 service

Many users prefer Online Customer Services (OCS).
This allows them to communicate flexibly and at any time.

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Outsource business processes

Involve your customers in their business processes!
New address or bank details, redirection and subscription interruption are just a few examples.
Free up internal resources!

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Efficient support

Benefit from powerful contact management and automated back-office processes. Minimize your process costs.

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Complete or REST solution?

In addition to the complete solution incl. interface, the functions are also available as REST-based business services for easy integration into your existing solutions.

We offer you:

The Online Customer Service supports you in your customer acquisition and retention campaigns. It enables you to provide perfect reader service and pushes your subscription sales.

Use your OCS platform for address acquisition. Offer your customers the opportunity to give away their own subscription to a friend during the vacation season on the self-service pages. Generate new leads quickly and easily.

Use OCS websites as an advertising platform. Place cross, up, and best-seller offers here. Offer your print readers an upgrade to a combined subscription.

We take care of customizing the OCS portal so that it fits seamlessly into the brand world of your magazine(s) and your corporate identity.

Lower your process costs and reduce the number of emails that your service agents answer manually. With numéro, we offer you an e-mail tool that automatically categorizes messages and sends predefined responses.

In the case of cancellations, new issue requests or address changes, the software automatically triggers the downstream processes.

By integrating numéro into the ccb suite, your team members get all the info they need at a glance in the ccb Customer Interaction Center. They do not have to switch between different systems. All changes are transferred to the different systems fully automatically. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

You want to merge your data tomorrow in a data warehouse, change to a new store platform or you think about outsourcing and cloud solutions? No problem! ccb Connect offers the necessary flexibility to individually design solutions and to be optimally prepared for future developments.

dsb Connect is a practice-oriented construction kit that helps you exchange and process information between all systems involved (CRM, ERP software, online store, etc.).

Our dsb Connect construction kit is made up of different tools and technologies. You decide which new solutions you want and which of your existing applications will be integrated. Benefit from secure and scalable ready-to-use integrations to your ERP, CRM or to popular payment providers.

Technical facts at a glance:
The ccb suite is accessed via web service or API (SOAP/REST). Batch interfaces enable the processing of large data volumes. No matter if PayPal, Amazon Pay, Wirecard or Apple Pay - we have the interfaces. Through dsb Connect you get connections to the common Entitlement Providers such as Adobe DPS and Google Newsstand.

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"Our British customers are convinced of the advantages
of numéro and are using the tool very successfully."

- Alexander Münch,
COO of the dsb Group

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