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Are you looking for content monetization concepts? The publishing and e-commerce professionals at dsb ebusiness can advise you on developing sales and marketing strategies. We push your subscription and lead acquisition with smart cross-channel campaigns. For more than a decade, we have been supporting media companies in Europe and the UK in the areas of subscription stores, smart content and online marketing.

In Frankfurt and Neckarsulm, our consulting and development teams create individual e-business solutions based on customized concepts.

With us, you become an impulse generator, not a follower.

In the dsb group, the e-commerce professionals of dsb ebusiness work together with the experts of dsb ccb solutions to provide you with the perfect result. Both teams exchange information closely with each other. You benefit from automated processes and strong online sales.

We offer you:

The dsb group combines over 50 years of publishing expertise with innovative e-commerce technologies and online marketing know-how. dsb ebusiness is the right partner for you if you want to develop a new magazine store or are planning the relaunch of your existing subscription store.

With us, you will be successful across all media. Our cross-channel strategies guarantee your readers device-independent access to personalized content. Through cross-channel persona building, we ensure connected commerce. With our Recommendation Engine, we identify cross- and up-sellers for your readers.

In addition to the British Future publishing group, Bayard, Private Eye, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Bischoff Verlag, London Review of Books and many other media companies rely on us for their subscription stores.

Do you want to offer readers of your online magazine only the content that really interests them? Individualized content recommendations ensure conversion optimization and push your digital edition subscriptions.

We enable personalized & cross-device smart content for your readers, to which you can tie individualized payment offers. Our business intelligence tool provides you with analyses of your customers' reading habits and forms the basis for tailored content.

We analyze media usage habits and pick up your users at the relevant touch points. Our consultants develop cross-media subscription strategies for you and enable a perfect match between subscription product and editorial content.


dsb offers you a Business Intelligence Cockpit (BI) specially tailored to the needs of the publishing and media industry. Our BI is not a one-way data street. Here, web tracking results from e-shop and apps meet subscription orders from a wide variety of channels. Real-time data from ccb, CRM, PIM and ERP make the data warehouse a cross-process control tool.

In addition to measuring standard key performance indicators (KPIs), you can also trigger individual queries in our BI. Through self-designed evaluations in the Business Intelligence Cockpit, new correlations become clear and processes more transparent.

Our Business Intelligence Cockpit has flexible interfaces. This enables marketing in the overall context and the measurement of individual parameters. 

Positive mobile experiences push their netsales. Subscribers expect individual reading content to be available across devices and channels. Readers no longer differentiate between mobile, online, and offline. Omni-channel strategies are being replaced by cross-channel concepts.

Your subscription store and your digital news must offer your customers a high customer experience regardless of the device. We enable you to address your readers in a cross-device, personalized way. Our Connected Commerce solutions are flexible, interface-aware and based on comprehensive data analysis. Powerful business intelligence tools enable highly individualized cross-channel persona building and thus personalized reading experiences.

dsb ccb solutions quote

"We use BI analyses to identify cross-sellers and up-sellers for your customers.
We maximize your sales per reader."

- Martin Wepper,
Managing Director dsb ebusiness

"We push your digital subscriptions with reader-individualized start content."

- Martin Wepper,
CEO dsb ebusiness

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